Monday, December 26, 2011

That's A Compliment, Mom

Just arrived home after checking our new house. Home. Finally can type home sweet home, literally coz this is our own home.

Mom's friend stopped by and said how come we have money to buy a house in fact we've only been working for a year and half? I said, it's all the matter of intention. U have to being stingy to urself if u want something big, like buying a house.

Since the day we're married, we don't spend too much money on something unimportant like gadgets we don't really need, bags, shoes, expensive clothes. I even use my 8250 Curve BB from Eja for my b'day gift till now, while a friend bought a BB Torch from her first salary. Me not.

We spent little, and earn more.

"Berhemat harus dimulai dari awal-awal nikah, kalo baru berhemat sejak mau punya rumah, gak bakal cukup."

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