Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can't Thank Enough

Wake up at 4am for abdominal discomfort. Havin' a lil' diarrhoea but it's all okay now. I got my 'minyak angin' on my tummy. Ahhhh.. Been waiting for feeling nausea, got abdominal discomfort as sign of early pregnancy for sooo long. I really don't mind if I have it now.

If we see backward, me and Eja have planned to save our money to Insemination programme. Ah, really thankful we can get it naturally.
The combination of trying, and praying is never a mistake. I drank milk, which I hate for the rest of my life before. I performed Laparoskopic, the pain, oh I can still recall it. Trying, trying, and trying. I even have deadline, if until February or March I couldn't get pregnant naturally, we'll do Insemination. After age 28 still no result, we'll do IVF. Try any possibilities, try any medical treatment, and let God do the rest.

Ah, yes. This is the most perfect time having a kid. We're more ready this year. Emotionally and financially stable. God really knows when will be our time. God wants us to wait. 'Coz God will give the best to those who wait patiently.

Can't stop saying Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Can't thank enough. :')

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