Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Date

Dear ma baby,
Today I brought u to the cinema. Ur dad wanna watch Ghost Rider. But I guess it's too stressful and loud and scary pics which I thought won't be good for ur health. Sooo, we switch to Journey 2 The Centre Of The World.

The movie was funneh! Hahahah! Ur dad laughed so bad during the movie. And the pics were awesome! Beautiful, like pieces of heaven. Maybe that would we feel when u came to the world and finally see us, not only listening to our voices! Can't wait, can't wait.

So, that's it ma baby, our date to the XXI. And happy 6 weeks today. Now go to sleep, 'coz mommy also wanna sleep now. Kiss kiss from here. And don't worry, I'll count the kisses until the day u come, and pay it straight to ur cute cheeks. Mmmuuaacch!


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