Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bridesmaids. Thumbs down.

Just watch 3/4 of the movie Bridesmaids. And it's sooo terrible. I saw the note on the cover "funnier than Hangover". After watching it, I kinda blaaaah. They're lying. It's not even close! Puhlissss!!

Okay, here we go. The movie is gross. And bad sex moves as the opening act is really..I don't know, bad start(the scene is not as good as in Basic Instinct, so back off). 10 minutes later it's just goin' worse, more gross scenes come out more and more. I REALLY REALLY don't get the humour. In fact, there's nothing funny stuffs there! I'm sooo pissed off!

I spend half of my night watching this bad movie. It's just sad. I don't think this is a funny movie. It's a tragic chick flick, not fun at all, and I'm sure the one who comment it's funnier than Hangover has been brain washed.

Still thinking to finish watching it or not, maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Just to make sure I've finished what I've started. Oh, the pain..

Conclusion : Don't watch it, unless u wanna ruin ur night. And it's definitely ruin my night! Darn it!!

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