Saturday, September 21, 2013

#PeopleAroundUs : Papap

Papap dan Agi. Gak mirip mukanya, tapi mirip kelakuannya.
Dear papap, 

Been only two days, and i'm missing u like crazy here. Too many things i gotta do, things i usually need you to get a grab on. Now u're not there.

What would i do when our baby got sick?

Who would remind me to pay the bills on time and put all the receipts in well ordered folders?

How will I share gossip, news, knowledge, all things that happen to me all day?

Ah, still to many hows in my head, but i dont wanna distract you. Do ur best there, and i will do my best here.

Right now, i have to get myself together. Gotta be strong. Like u said, no pain, no gain.

But why listening to ur voice through the phone seems not enough?

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