Friday, September 30, 2011

September Ends, but Miracle Still Not Here


Tomorrow will be a new month. And still, our efforts to conceive is failed again this month. Like another painful failed month. I also gotta do diagnostic laparoscopy to find out what exactly happen with my uterus, my ovarium, or my hormones.

To be honest, I'm so afraid to do any operations, needles, scalpel, hospital, infusion, all of that stuff. I'm afraid! But, I've made promise to myself for not giving up trying, even tough it's full of pain. There will be a lot of pain.

But like a wise man long ago told us, You are what you think.
I think, we'll be succeed this year. We will have wonderful kids. We will have amazing kids that's worth to wait.

We will be what we think we will be.

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