Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Not Alone

I've just randomly click on internet and then i found this site. Reading about 642 comments there about how they struggle to conceive, their depression, and somehow i feel i'm not alone.

But there"s a comment posted by casey On Jul 31, 2011 that makes me cry, because it really describes how exactly my feeling is. And it goes like this,

" Noone in this world can imagine the pain and hurt a woman feels when she sits on the toilet and wipes her period, in denial that it could be implantation bleeding. Its sad to see how many people are so insensitive to people who want children. A child is the most precious gift someone can have. Not traveling the world or saving money. A hug of a child or the little voice calling you mom cannot compare to anything in this universe. So before you say hurtful things to someone who's reaching out to us for positive help, u guys need to think before you hurt people's feelings. Good luck to u " lady. I hope u get pregnant. I will keep u in my prayeres. :)

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I cried a lot reading her comment. Yes it describes my feeling well, who always been hurted by other's asking me "why u haven't pregnant yet? Are u postpone it?'

Geez, i wanna slap 'em in the face! It's so damn hurt you know..

Please dont say so. If a couple who has been married for a year and still there's no sign of pregnancy yet, there must be a problem between them. Please just don't add their problem by your silly judgment.

The full blog is here, if u wanna see more. and also be inspired more.

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