Monday, November 7, 2011

To @faisyalreza

#disclaimer : karena sekarang bukan lagi zaman surat-suratan, pake perangko, amplop love, jadi surat semacam inilah yang bisa dibuat.

To @faisyalreza.

Hi babe,
I can't sleep. I'm hungry, and also I miss u so bad. How's the night shift, honey? I hope u're doing pretty well at ER tonite.

Well, let's take a look at my suddenly insomnia. Maybe I miss ur soft snoring. Lil' bit annoying at first, but see, I can't sleep without that voice. That voice, reminds me that u'll still there beside me.

Do u know why I often hold your hands while sleeping? That's because I'm afraid of bad dreams. Somehow it calms me down. I don't need to be hugged when I sleep, but by touching your hand, I know you're there.

We've been talked a lot today. Some topics like having child, religion, dreams, belief, and I'm still amazed how you could be so patient listening to my unstoppable talking. Hahaha. U're a very good listener, darling. And I'm afraid many women out there found this kindness on you. I know u're not that heartless to reject their requests.

Oh I remember one time when we were still at college, there's one friend of mine who always need ur help. More than I do. I hate that. I told u about this, and voila, you can reject any requests like to take her home, to borrow ur notes, etc of that 'oh so childish but not' woman. *evil grin*

We've been grown up together, for six years. U're more like me, and I'm more like you. We're influencing each other. You make me balance. They said I'm lucky. Yeah, I'm that lucky bitch. Whom u love so much. *read ur blog and twitter profile* *giggle*

I say this everyday, and I'm gonna say it again now, I love you, I really do. My feeling is getting bigger and bigger all these years. We're gonna build our home, our family, and maybe our empire together. Make me ur partner. Show me the way, I'll follow. When u're in doubt, I'm here. Talk to me. When I need a shoulder to cry on, u're there. Calm me down when I lose faith. And I'll hold ur back, anytime u want me to.

Even if everyone in this world told me that u're lying, I will still trust you.

Good nite babe, miss u still. *kiss kiss*


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