Monday, May 5, 2008

NZ...when will i see you??

Udah search-search ni aktivitas apa aja yang bisa dilakuin pas ke New Zealand..
So, Check This out!

The Best Active Vacations

Scuba Diving in the Poor Knights: Jacques Yves Cousteau rated this among the best diving spots in the world. This unique marine reserve has the best of tropical currents sweeping in to make it warm and inviting for a wide variety of tropical species that aren't found anywhere else in New Zealand's waters.

comment : mmm.. kayaknya gak deh.. pertama, aq ga bisa diving. kedua, aq takut tenggelam. ketiga, mending kalo mau liat ikan-ikan di Underwater World aja lah..

Blackwater Rafting in the Waitomo Glowworm Caves: Daredevils can now go underground to leap off waterfalls; slink through dark, damp, underground waterways; abseil off "Lost World" rock faces; and do other things in the dark.

comment : rafting ? gak lah.. takut jatuh, trus nabrak batu karang, hiiiy.. ngeliat orang rafting di Tv aja takut.. apalagi ngelakuin sendiri.. not now lah..

Trout Fishing in Taupo: They say the fish in Lake Taupo are so big that when you catch one, the lake level drops. The dozens of other rivers (especially world-renowned Tongariro) and streams in the region also have rich pickings for the fisherman.

Comment : seru juga kali mancing.. tapi, kan bosen.. udah gitu ikan segede  gitu kan serem..

Sea Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park: It takes a lot to beat this balmy little paddle into the best-preserved and most beautiful coastline of New Zealand. Keep company with nosy seal pups and dolphins; call into pristine, deserted beaches; and explore rocky headlands.

comment : kayaknya seru ni.. pasti pemandangannya bagus.. mmm..get one!

Walking the Glaciers: Dig out those snow boots and walking poles, add a dash of nerve and daring, and take the walk of a lifetime down Fox or Franz Josef Glaciers in the deep south. And don't forget your camera so you can bring home those unforgettable views into the snow caves.

comment : wuaaaa...snow! ok,i won't forget the camera!

Getting Wild in Queenstown: This is New Zealand's adrenaline capital, where you get more than one chance to show how crazy you really are. There are more daredevil stunts per square inch here than anywhere else in the country. An international skiing mecca in winter, it readily transforms itself into summer madness as well.

comment : r u ready to be wild? mmm..i don't think so.

Walking the Fiordland Tracks: If you fancy yourself as a multi-day tramper, there's plenty to keep you out of mischief in Fiordland. This is where you get some of the best walks in the world -- the Milford, the Hollyford, the Kepler, and the Routeburn tracks.

comment : walking? bener-bener walk? duh, mesti workout dulu ni, sebelum kesana.. hehehe! tapi demi the scenery along the road, it's worth it deh kayaknya..

                        well, ni kan cuma summary dari Frommer's: New Zealand.                         Aq si belum pernah kesana. But, one day, at least one in a                         life time, i will go there.

                     Tapi , kalo ada yang mau sponsorin si..yah.. Hahaha..

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