Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ni satu lagi artikel buat yang mau liburan ke NZ. Pengen sih ngumpulin semua artikel tentang ke sana, trus disatuin, baru deh dijadiin buku panduan. Habis, buku Lonely Planet : New Zealand mahal, mending search gini..

BUat yang penasaran kenapa aq ngumpulin artikel tentang ke NZ gini, boleh tanya kok. Tapi, the simplest answer i can give u is : Aq emang terobsesi bgt pengen ke sana, hehehe..

Tenang, masih  byk waktu kok biar rencana ke NZ-nya fix. Ni salah satu prosesnya. 
Semangat ika! U can go there!


How to Plan for Travel to New Zealand

Steps :

1. Prepare for the intense heat. Cover up with a hat, long-sleeve shirt and long pants. Sunburn and sunstroke are the main health hazards, so make sure to void dehydration. Wear layered outfits as the weather frequently changes suddenly, especially at the change of seasons.

2. Tour Auckland by car, not by foot. This is a challenging place to commute. The city expanded out, not up. The expansive growth makes the city virtually impossible to explore on foot. What looks like a short walking distance on a map can turn out to be much longer.

3. Rent a Holden Commodore for some local flavor. The popular New Zealand car is built by General Motors but not sold in the States. Most agencies will include this car as a luxury item to travelers.

4. Enjoy the differences. Cars' directional signals and windshield wipers are a reverse of what most drivers would expect.

5. Remember to drive left and look right. Drive in the left lane. When turning left or right from a stop sign, the closest lane of traffic will come from the right. Look to your right first. Pedestrians should look right before they cross a road.

6. Be careful where you swim. Some South Island lakes hold tiny organisms that cause "duck itch" which is temporary, intense itching.

Tips & Warnings
Canadians and Americans can make dangerous missteps by looking left and stepping into the path of an oncoming car. Drive to your left, but look to your right.

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